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Bitcoin plummets to lowest level since June as cryptocurrencies come under fire from Congress

Bitcoin nosedived Wednesday as Congress members highlighted the downsides of cryptocurrency on Capitol Hill. Read More

Why BTC’s 2020 Halving Is So Important

May next year, we’re going to see an event which is expected to stir up the space a tad… Read More

Iranian Bitcoiners Risk Fines, Jail Time as Government Regulates Mining

The Iranian government has been cracking down on cryptocurrency mining operations over the past three months, pending new legislation for formal mining licenses. Read More

10,000 Nodes Are Running BTC Lightning Network in New All-Time High

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network (LN) nodes has reached 10,000 for the first time, according to real-time LN statistics site 1ML… Read More

Crypto Investors Buy Bitcoins at $0.32 as Amazon Cloud Outages Affect Exchanges

Cryptocurrency investors were able to buy bitcoin for as little as $0.3 worth of UISDT after Amazon ‘s cloud service, AWS… Read More