Icrypex Makes a Difference in Cryptocurrency Market With Investor-Friendly Developments

Icrypex Crypto Exchange Makes a Difference in Cryptocurrency Market With Investor-Friendly Developments.

In the crypto currency world where the speed is gaining importance day by day, the performance of the platform on which the investors trade directly affects the earnings of the investors. In this case, the exchange should be able to be in contact with the investors at any time and meet their expectations.

Icrypex crypto exchange Turkey’s first crypto-currency exchange which works with transparent order system, includes several investor-friendly technologies and solutions. Through these technologies and solutions, investors can perform their transactions at any time and protect their crypto assets through accurate analysis.

With the growth of the transaction volume of crypto currency industry, the needs of the investors are also shaped and a single question arises in mind; “Which is the most accurate and reliable platform to store my investment?” If you want a stock exchange to keep your money safely and a customer representative who you can reach and get information whenever you want and also being informed about the sector while doing all of this, Icrypex gives you a unique investment experience where you can do all this.

7/24 Live Support for Investors

At Icrypex, you can get in contact with the customer representative and the operation team at any time and receive support on any matter related to the crypto currency. You can also contact our customer representatives through the “Live Support” on our website.

Daily and Weekly Analysis Support

Icrypex crypto exchange supports you with daily and weekly crypto currency analysis while you are tracking the market or doing your transactions. It allows you to follow the agenda closely by giving you the developments in the market and evaluating how these developments affect the market. It shares graphs with you and evaluates the up and down levels of the market and this allows you to act in a predictive way when dealing with your crypto assets.

Order Editing and Deletion Option

In the crypto currency market where the activity is high, it is important to take decisions by following the instant price changes and apply this decision instantly. You can edit your orders as quickly as possible based on your desire to make changes while applying your decisions or you can delete your orders related to your abandoned transaction on the same page. With this feature, which is not included in many exchanges, you can maintain your position or change your levels quickly thanks to the orders you organize in times of instant price developments.

Customer Training Support

If you have decided to invest in the crypto money market and want to have detailed information about the market, you can get customer training support from our experts at our office in Istanbul Maslak. In this way, you will learn how to interpret the crypto money market from different angles.

Customer Representatives for Investors

Your dedicated customer representative is there to support you at any time, from your membership process to your investment process. You can reach your representative at any time, you can get in touch about the process you want to get support. You can do this by mail or phone.

Secure Investment and Fast Transaction with Icrypex

When you invest with Icrypex, you also know that your transactions are always in Blockchain. You can view your transactions in milliseconds directly at Blokchain and gain full control over your wallet. While Icrypex crypto exchange plans all these processes specifically for you, it provides you with an enjoyable and confident investment experience. If you want to experience these privileges, you can visit icrypex.com to discover the world of safe investment.

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